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BC Science Outreach Workshop 2020: Using STEAM to Empower Community Change

Join colleagues from BC's science outreach community in a day of interactive discussions, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities!

Date: March 9, 2020
Time: 8am–5:30pm
Location: Science World at TELUS World of Science

Registration is now open!

The 7th annual BC Science Outreach Workshop will be held at Science World at TELUS World of Science. This popular professional development event will focus on innovative experiences, pertinent discussions and networking opportunities.

This year, we will be delving into the ways that STEAM can empower community change. Through a selection of community led workshops, we will be exploring aspects of climate change, design thinking and STEAM communication.



Schedule of Events

8:00am Registration and Coffee
8:45am Opening Keynote
9:45am Networking Coffee Break
10:00am Community Led Workshops
11:05pm Community Led Workshops
12:05pm Lunch and Networking
1:45pm Explore Science World's feature exhibition: Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks
2:15pm Report on BC’s STEAM Ecosystem Environmental Scan
3:30pm Networking Reception
4:30pm Event Ends





Communities for Change

All of our communities have become vulnerable to climate change. Many of us have been dealing with climate variability for decades and have a wealth of knowledge about how to adapt. Community-based adaptation to climate change focuses on empowering communities to use their own knowledge and decision-making processes to take action. Join us for this panel discussion where we will hear from individuals who are doing just that, empowering communities for change.


10am Workshops

Fighting the Tide of Ocean Debris

Ocean Networks Canada

Our convenience-focused lifestyle is creating waste that is turning our oceans into aquatic landfills. Data collected by Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) and partner organizations have documented more than just a hint of the vast amount of garbage that is making its way into our oceans. Join ONC’s Learning and Community Engagement team to explore this problem and create a “recipe” for solutions. This session involves food allergens including nuts and seeds.

Practical Magic: Science Communication in Your Organization


Take a crash course in thinking on your feet. Whether online, through media, or in-person, your conversations make your science outreach memorable. And often, your science communication skills will be tested without much time to prepare. This hands-on, interactive session will get you practising engaging messaging for fictional science outreach scenarios. We will divide into several streams—traditional media, social media and in-person encounters. You’ll come away with practical skills!

Design Thinking in Science Communication


Are Design Thinking and the Scientific Method complete opposites or a match made in heaven for the good of the earth? Using a case study that resulted in historic funding and the lab’s first graphic design award, TRIUMF’s senior graphic designer Diana will lead a hands-on exploration of these two methodologies. Science communicators: be ready to face a challenge that can only be solved using both frameworks!


11am Workshops

Outreach Online: Making the Right Stuff for the Right People

Avocado Video

Online outreach is the most cost- and time-efficient way to speak to a broad audience. In this workshop, Lucas, Jess and Koby from Avocado Video share their experience producing documentaries, educational videos and podcasts. As a participant, you will go through the process of identifying your audience, making an achievable plan to reach them, crafting your message and choosing your medium. You will also learn techniques and tips to make your videos look and sound professional.

Collaborative and Immersive Scientific Story Telling Through VR Experiences

Simon Fraser University

Experience storytelling using virtual reality. See how VR is used as an educational tool in the classroom. Participants will experience an example of a scientific story created through a collaboration between researchers and educators. We will be demonstrating a digital story developed through collaborative story making and storytelling through the immersive features of virtual reality (VR).

Creating Scicomm: The Art of Science Communication

Art the Science

With growing divides in public and scientific opinion on controversial science policy issues like artificial intelligence, vaccinations, and climate change, there has never been a more pressing time to improve how we communicate science. In this interactive workshop, we will offer a hands-on approach to achieving that goal—through art! Join us to collaborate, innovate, and leverage your own originality to communicate about science in a colourful new way.


Afternoon Session

The Evolving State of STEAM Learning in BC

In nature, symbiotic organisms rely on one another in order to thrive. Symbiosis, our STEAM Learning Ecosystem in B.C., does exactly that: connecting like-minded individuals and organizations, and finding common goals for the benefit and ‘thrivability’ of all learners across the province. Learn about the roots of Symbiosis and how its regional hubs are working to make those connections happen. We will share the findings from a recent province-wide environmental scan, with a focus on the need for an Ecosystem approach with regional hubs, and recommendations to better support all STEAM educators in B.C. for years to come.


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